The best elements of a business coach, an outsourced team, and a marketing manager.


  1. We provide strategy and recommendations like a coach, but we also implement them for you.
  2. We integrate the full suite of digital marketing capabilities, so you don’t have to coordinate and chase multiple freelancers.
  3. We take as much ownership in your success as a marketing manager would, but we’re a fraction of a full time salary.

Working with us is an actual pleasure.  Your point of contact will be me, the owner of the business, and I’ll take care of everything behind the scenes.

We’ll reserve an agreed number of hours per month to work on your marketing, and I’ll provide you with a schedule showing the activities and tasks that will be completed each month, over the life of the project. Then we’ll have weekly Skype or phone progress meetings, so you know everything is on track and will be delivered as per the schedule.

Like me, you might have experienced your developers or coaches or VAs going missing for several days. This is something we pride ourselves in not doing. However, we know that small business is fluid, so we welcome and expect you to ask us to move things around, as opportunities present themselves and your priorities change.

We can work to a fixed project scope or you can retain us on a monthly basis. If you retain us, we accept payment upfront at the start of the month. There’s no term contract, so when you’re ready to fly solo at the end of a month, there’s no stress. This limits your risk to 1 month’s fee, in the event we’re not right for you, and it ensures we perform month in month out and week in week out. We don’t take your trust in us for granted.

Please contact me at or message me on Skype at chrismck3nzie if you’d like to have a chat.


6/140 Creek Street Brisbane QLD Australia

“It is a breath of fresh air that you are so knowledgable in so many areas. Your professional but down to earth nature makes working with you very easy. We appreciate that you are so organised and a forward thinker.”Kristine Abraham, Passionate People
“Sometimes you have pieces of the picture, but Chris made the whole strategy come together seamlessly and simply.”Lindsey Bonnet, Founder Short Stay Network
“Thanks Chris. Just want to let you know that I really love the way you question my thought process and bring so much value to our work together. You really are the ultimate trusted advisor. Great job :)”Helen Mitas, Hypnofit Founder
“Your high level creativity and extensive marketing knowledge has been instrumental in assisting my business break through into the tough corporate market. You have a real passion for helping your clients achieve.”Jon Fletcher, Fletch the Coach
“Chris has become an increasingly integral part of our team. He continues to be invaluable in so many respects as our business evolves. His technical expertise is matched by his strategic, marketing and business acumen. We are really grateful.”Jen Murrant, Health Synergy Founder
“We consider Chris to be an invaluable part of our team, who cares about the success of our business as much as we do. He is approachable, and down to earth to work with, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and willing to go the extra mile, doing whatever is needed to make it work.”Emi Golding, MHRI Ops Manager