Online courses

Increase your income, without working more hours.

The challenge with consulting is you have very little opportunity to leverage your time. A lot of your work is custom (or at least tailored) to individual clients and you need to be there to deliver it. The same can be said for training, speaking, coaching and any setting where services are delivered 1:1. This creates a challenge when you want to:

  1. Increase your revenue without putting more hours in, or
  2. Scale back your hours without affecting your income

While far from being completely passive sources of income, digital information products are a means to complement your existing services and generate a revenue stream that isn’t dependent on you delivering services in person.

As an expert with probably over a decade of professional experience under your belt, you have knowledge that people will want, and that you could therefore monetise.

Examples of information products are eBooks, online courses, webinars, subscription content, even online diagnostic tools. They’re the digital analogies to the way you deliver your services currently.

What could I create?

Writing – Publish an eBook for sale through your website or via Amazon/iTunes/Google Play or go all out with interactive images, video and embedded presentations.

Keynote speaking – Start a video podcast or webinar series which visitors can subscribe to for free or for which you can charge a monthly subscription fee per episode.

Training & Coaching – Develop a self paced program with a downloadable manual, and video modules that communicate your material.

Consulting & Freelancing – Create a web based diagnostic that asks a range of questions about the client’s situation and provides a recommendation, or simply gathers the info you usually ask.

Information products can be sold through your website as products in their own right, or they can power your lead generation efforts, building credibility and demand among prospective clients for your higher value, lower leverage services.

Take a look at some information products we’ve designed on our Portfolio page.