DISC infographics

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DISC infographics Moloney Executive Consulting

We created these infographics to share on LinkedIn to help Shanelle build her online profile around career consulting. We’re helping Shanelle launch a very interesting Career Clarity Workbook which is currently in draft. Looking forward to showcasing it here, when finished.

15 Steps to Hypnotherapy Business Success brochure

Chris McKenzie Lead generation

Helen Mitas Hypnotherapy Business Success brochure

After building the Hypnotherapy Practitioner program brochure, Helen asked us to redesign the brochures for her ’15 Steps to Hypnotherapy Business Success’ course with the same look and feel. They came up great and we managed to do them just in time for Helen to print them and jump on a plane for some Hypnotherapy keynote speaking engagements in the … Read More

Hypnofit Practitioner landing page + application flow

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Helen has taken the recent step of licensing her Hypnofit business, so that other hypnotherapists might jump into a ready made vehicle to create a thriving hypnotherapy practice. This landing page is designed to capture interest from target clients. There’s a primary and a secondary call to action on this page. The primary call to action is to apply to … Read More

Hypnofit Practitioner brochure

Chris McKenzie Lead generation

Helen is one of the most entrepreneurial experts we have the pleasure of working with, and certainly the most successful hypnotherapist we know. Helen has recently embarked on the process of licensing her Hypnofit business for other hypnotherapy practitioners to step into. It’s a great option for someone who wants to make hypnotherapy their full time gig, but would like … Read More

Google review request postcard

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Google review postcard - Rob's Airport Transfers

This project came about after a fake Google review from what we’re sure is a competitor. After checking the name of the person who said that Rob was ‘always late and rude’, we found we had no record of ever picking the person up. As it good practice, Rob reached out the reviewer and asked to advise the dates of … Read More

Cahlia infographics

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Cahlia continues with it’s lean startup approach and it’s starting to get traction. At an event last night, Angela was introduced to a very senior decision maker in a target company and it turned out she already knew about Cahlia. The decision maker had been discussing Cahlia that very day with someone at another organisation, and that conversation was prompted … Read More

Suicide prevention campaign infographic 3/3

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This is the 3rd and final instalment in our infographic series on suicide prevention for The Mental Health Recovery Institute. These are the following 9 factors that research has shown reduces the risk of suicide in vulnerable people. ┬áThese infographics have been posted on MHRI’s social media channels with a short text description and link to download a free guide … Read More