About us

You might have gone to a bunch of free seminars, clicked on some of those ads that promise to ‘explode your business profits’ and even signed up to a coaching program or two. And you might have found, like some of my clients, that even if the advice is sound, there’s a big difference between being told what to do, and actually having the skills and the time to implement it.

Meet Chris McKenzie

That’s pretty much exactly my story, having left my last corporate role as the Procurement and Corporate Real Estate Manager for a multinational insurer, back in 2012. While employed I was running a corporate wellness business with my wife Angela, who also worked full time (because, you know, we didn’t have enough stress in our lives) and the transition full time to that business sharpened our focus on generating business and growing sales. About then the GFC happened, and organisations started to tighten the purse strings and our revenue declined. As the market recovered, we pivoted to teaching health & wellbeing professionals how to deliver corporate programs, which highlighted a real challenge for them – getting meetings with corporate clients. So I doubled down on that, and Nextninety was born to help professionals of all kinds to attract corporate clients and do great work.

In my 15 years in corporate, I held roles in HR, procurement, key account management, facilities management and corporate real estate; I have a business degree majoring in HR and a Masters in IT. And in the years since, I’ve started a training business, a marketing consultancy, and a workplace analytics tech startup. That broad base of experience has given me an appreciation for different fields of expertise and business models.


Through Nextninety, I aim to be your digital marketing manager, providing content strategy and implementation as it applies to the marketing of B2B services like consulting, training & professional services.

Nextninety is full stack, so to speak, but we niche down to B2B services to keep things focused and manageable. We do everything: strategy, design, copywriting, SEO, Adwords, Facebook, marketing automation, the lot. Our aim is to do as much work for you as possible, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Take a look around our Portfolio page to see the kinds of work we do for our clients.

– Chris McKenzie

Chris McKenzie, BBus(HRM), MIT
Director, Nextninety