Web design

Custom professional services ecommerce websites, built in WordPress.

Increase conversions

Increase website traffic

Save time + reduce admin

Increase digital revenue

Increase conversions with a striking, modern, optimised website.

We work with WordPress – the highly customisable and cost effective CMS that powers 40% of all websites.


Every website we build is custom designed, so your new site won’t look like anyone else’s and will be designed to achieve your business goals and deliver the best user experience for your clients.


Our websites look great, but they also incorporate the best mix of plugins and integration to handle marketing, sales and delivery. With Nextninety, you’re not just getting a website – you’re getting a platform to conduct digital business.

Identify the opportunities

Website audits.

We can review your current website (WordPress or otherwise) to recommend a range of improvements. This is often a great place to start when embarking on a website upgrade or redesign project.

We’ll recommend ways to organise your content more effectively and deliver a more seamless user experience on desktop and mobile devices.

We’ll assess how well your site is visually communicating your message and brand through page layouts, fonts, imagery, colours and branding elements.

Copy is one of the most important elements of your site, and one of the hardest to get right. We’ll review and recommend ways to enhance the persuasiveness and coherence of your copy.

We’ll recommend ways to improve your website conversions, be they web form completions, phone contacts or bookings, by reviewing the content and placement of your calls to actions.

Your site needs to appeal to search engines, as well as humans. We’ll assess the search performance of your site and recommend ways to rank higher in search results.

Deliver a high performing website

Custom WordPress
web design.

We’ll design and build a high performing WordPress website that is modern, responsive and that you can edit yourself. We can also help with copywriting as we know that’s a time consuming task for a client.

An Australian project manager will be your point of contact throughout the project. They will run you through a comprehensive planning process at the beginning, and as the project progresses, you’ll have weekly video conferences to keep you updated on progress.

Good copy is critical for persuading your audience and encouraging them to take action. We’ll ask you a range of questions to extract key messages and articulate technical content correctly, then write engaging web copy that converts.

Alongside good copy, modern, responsive design is key to imparting a professional and delightful user experience. Every page of your site will be custom designed by our expert designers, in alignment with your brand.

Our expert development team will implement each page design and functionality using one of the world’s leading WordPress themes and a range of premium WordPress plugins. We’ll then test it across popular browsers and mobile operating systems to ensure it renders and functions perfectly.

You can have the best website, but if people can’t find it, it’s next to useless. We perform on-page SEO to best maintain your current search rankings and ensure all new pages can be easily discovered and interpreted by Google’s search algorithm for your target search terms.

By deciding to go with WordPress, you have not just a website but a platform for automating business processes and scaling up your business. We will integrate your website with any platforms we’ve recommended as well as your existing platforms where possible.

It’s important to understand the volume and behaviour of visitors to your website in order to make informed marketing decisions. We’ll set up Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console to provide you with a suite of analytics. We’ll also set up Goals to track how well your site is converting visitors into prospects.

Keep it secure and operational

Hosting &

Protect your website investment by ensuring it’s consistently available, continually backed up, and kept secure with the latest versions of WordPress core, plugin and theme files.

Your site will be hosted on our high performance cloud servers, with a virtual CPU, 1GB of allocated memory, 1TB of bandwidth and 256GB of storage. Our hosting service also includes a free SSL certificate, daily backups and uptime monitoring.

Every month we check and update theme, plugin and WordPress core files to keep your site secure and performing optimally. We also check contact forms to ensure no opportunities are slipping through the cracks. Our maintenance service includes up to 1 hour of development time for bug fixes and minor content updates.

When you host with us, you take advantage of our agency licenses for premium themes and plugins. Premium licenses are included free of charge, thus saving you tens if not hundreds of dollars per license, per year.

Q Workplace Training

Live workplace investigation training with automated booking & payment, email onboarding & toolkit membership access.


Subscription membership site with multiple membership tiers, providing access to templates and online courses.

Indesign Technologies

Heavily image driven site showcasing the achievements of an award winning AV technology company.

See if we’re a fit.

Get a feel for our process, pricing and delivery times, and see if we’re a good fit for your project.


Yes. While we specialise in websites requiring services ecommerce capability, if all you need is a striking marketing website that captures enquiries, we’re more than up to the task.
Yes and no. If the product is a virtual product (like a toolkit or set of templates) then yes, absolutely. If we’re talking about fulfilling physical products, then that’s a different ballgame. If you want take online orders and manually ship physical products, we can handle that, but we don’t work with larger product catalogues and where shipping and inventory management is required.
No. We have clients who have a preferred host and are happy to maintain the site themselves and call us if they have a problem. We just charge an hourly rate for ad hoc support. It can sometimes be a bit tricky (and therefore more expensive) if we’re troubleshooting an issue on a site that we don’t host. But it’s not the end of the world 🙂
This depends on a number of factors (like whether it’s a design refresh or new design, is copywriting required, what services ecommerce features and integrations are needed, etc) but a basic, custom 6 page website with no ecommerce features will start around $5,000+GST and head north of $30,000+GST for more complex sites. We will of course give detailed pricing of project and ongoing costs in our proposal.
Support is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm AEST. We endeavour to respond to support requests within 24 hours and resolve them within 48 hours.