Customer experience automation

Marketing, sales & onboarding, automated with Activecampaign.

Increase conversions

Increase website traffic

Save time + reduce admin

Increase digital revenue

Save time + effort while delivering a great experience.

Most, and in some cases, all CRM activities for a digital business can be automated so that marketing, sales and onboarding can be done entirely online without human intervention.
Our go to platform for automating CRM is Activecampaign, arguably on of the best value for money in terms of features, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

We’ll work with you to design or repurpose your existing messaging and assets into digital customer journeys that inform and delight online clients.

The heart of your automated business

Activecampaign CRM implementation.

Digital business relies on a single digital customer record, and that’s your CRM. We specialise in greenfield Activecampaign CRM implementations, migrations from other platforms and CRM audits.
Need some help with your Activecampaign setup? We can audit your implementation to recommend efficiencies and improvements to make your digital business run more smoothly.
We’re specialists in implementing and configuring the Activecampaign CRM. We’ll select the right package to suit your needs, then set up the lists, tags, automations and integrations to automate your CRM processes.
Have another CRM but looking to move to Activecampaign? We have experience migrating contacts, lists, tags and automations across to Activecampaign.

Convert visitors into leads

Marketing automation.

Market to a global audience, at scale. We can automate top, mid and bottom of the funnel marketing interactions to engage, qualify and nurture your leads.
Offer a free guide, checklist or tool in exchange for visitors’ contact details and an opportunity to build a relationship with them over email or phone. Contact details are passed to your CRM via a web form, and the download is delivered via an automated email sequence.
Offereing a free on demand presentation or course is another way to capture and nurture leads. Contact details are passed to your CRM via a registration form and the pre-recorded video presentation is embedded on a secure page.
Engage your visitors while screening and qualifying them with a quiz. Based on answers to a series of questions, respondents are directed to one of a handful of pre-determined result pages. Contact details and responses are passed to your CRM for segmented followup.
A more advanced version of a quiz, the tailored report sees respondents answer a series of questions, and the output is a document with tailored results and recommendations. Contact details and results are passed to your CRM for action.
Nuture and educate leads with an automated series of follow up emails, spaced at certain intervals. Recipients can follow different branches or skip ahead, based on their actions.

Facilitate sales and onboarding

Sales &

We streamline and automate the process of closing clients and preparing them for service delivery. Fully automate or reduce the admin load on your team, letting them focus the things that make a difference.
If your sales process involves a discovery or sales call, we can integrate with Calendly or Acuity Scheduling to allow leads to schedule a call with one of your sales team. The scheduling platforms incorporate automated reminders and prep questionnaires, streamlining your sales qualification process.
Your Activecampaign CRM can help reduce sales admin and reduce confusion and double handling when it comes to sales prospects. We can set up sales pipelines and deals to ensure no opportunities fall through the cracks. Using Activecampaign’s extensive third party app integrations, we can automate much of the deal admin based on the client’s activities.
If your sales process involves sending quotes and proposals, we recommend the Proposify platform to automatically generate tailored proposals, collect signatures and commencement deposits. Through integrations with Activecampaign, we can automatically update your deals and move them through the sales pipeline.
We can automate the issuance and acceptance of legal documents, onboarding guides and all manner of documents. Using the Formstack Documents platform, we can trigger the assembly of complex documents, saving you hours of admin.
Welcome your clients, and collect the information and resources you need to get started. We use the excellent Contentsnare platform for intelligent info collection and automated followups, to save you hours following up clients for onboarding information.
We can link your online sales to Xero, keeping your records up to date and and freeing your team from manual entries, invoicing and double handling.

Helen Mitas

Virtual business coaching program with a fully automated customer journey, other than manual discovery calls.

Moloney Consulting

Virtual career & interview coaching with automated booking, payment, pre-session survey and Xero integration.

Q Workplace Training

Live workplace investigation training with automated booking & payment, email onboarding & toolkit membership access.

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