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Custom AI applications and workflow automation.

Partner with us to access the transformative benefits of AI.

Unlock the full potential of your business with a trusted AI implementation partner by your side.We bring deep expertise and a proven track record of transforming professional services firms with digital strategies.
Implement AI-driven automation to streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and eliminate repetitive tasks, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.
Boost productivity with AI tools that manage workflows, optimize resource allocation, and provide real-time insights, allowing your team to focus on high-value tasks.
Accelerate project timelines and decision-making processes with AI-powered analytics and predictive modeling, ensuring faster delivery and adaptability.
Enhance service quality through AI that personalises client interactions, ensures consistency, and continuously improves through data-driven feedback.
Increase flexibility by leveraging AI to adapt to changing business needs, scale operations seamlessly, and offer customised solutions to clients.
Gain actionable insights with AI-driven business intelligence tools that analyse vast amounts of data, providing strategic guidance and uncovering new opportunities.

AI Digital Transformation

Why AI?

Automate business processes

Automate processes that don’t need human involvement to increase speed, efficiency and reduce errors.

Augment human work

Build new custom business applications to make human workers dramatically more productive.

Create new business models

Create AI-based service offerings for new, highly profitable revenue streams and business models.

AI Digital Transformation

AI use cases

AI Digital Transformation

Our process

Identify potential use cases

1. AI Opportunity Audit

Together, we explore gaps or areas of potential inefficiency that could be addressed with an AI solution.
Evaluate how AI can enhance your marketing strategies through advanced data analytics, targeted client insights, and personalised content recommendations.
Identify opportunities for AI to optimise your sales processes, including intelligent lead scoring, automating follow-ups, and predictive sales analytics.
Explore how AI can improve your service delivery by automating project management tasks, enhancing resource allocation, and ensuring quality control.
Assess the potential for AI to streamline your HR operations, from talent acquisition and automated resume screening to employee satisfaction analysis and performance evaluations.
Determine how AI can revolutionise your financial operations by automating invoicing, improving cash flow management, and conducting financial health assessments.
Examine ways AI can bolster your IT infrastructure, including proactive system monitoring, cybersecurity threat detection, and automated IT support.

Identify current resources

2. AI Readiness Assessment

We assess your organisation’s AI readiness against 6 dimensions and offer personalised recommendations on next steps.
Discover valuable AI applications to drive innovation and growth.
Ensure your infrastructure supports AI solutions effectively for optimal performance and scalability.
Improve your data quality to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of AI-driven decisions.
Identify knowledge gaps to effectively implement and leverage AI technologies.
Secure the necessary budget and funding strategies to support AI investments effectively.
Enhance your capacity to adopt and sustain AI initiatives smoothly

Conceptualise the AI Solution

3. AI Concept Design

We help identify your most feasible and high-return AI idea and produce an investment ready concept.
Put your best 1-3 AI ideas through our robust assessment process to arrive at a highly valuable AI idea. Includes idea refinement, feasibility, high level functionality.
Produce a robust business case for your new AI concept, ready for CEO or Board sign off. Includes stages, deliverables, returns, costs, risks.

Scope the AI project

4. Detailed AI Scoping

We outline the project’s parameters, design the optimal solution, and create a comprehensive development roadmap.

Clearly articulate the business opportunities identified, detailing how AI can address specific pain points and deliver measurable benefits.
Develop a detailed solution design that outlines the technical architecture, data sources, processes, and tools required to implement the AI initiative effectively.
Create a comprehensive development roadmap that includes stages, deliverables, client inputs, development effort, timeframes and investment.

Deliver the prototype AI

5. AI Prototyping

We build a working prototype based on the scoped project, validate its effectiveness and make adjustments.
Create a functional version of the AI solution, incorporating key features and functionalities as outlined in the scoping phase.
Ensure seamless integration of the prototype with existing systems and processes, verifying compatibility and performance.
Collect feedback from stakeholders and end-users to assess usability, functionality, and overall satisfaction with the prototype.
Measure the prototype’s performance against predefined metrics to ensure it meets the desired objectives and delivers expected benefits.
Provide documentation of the prototype’s design, implementation, and testing processes to support future development and deployment.

Support and refine the AI

6. Support

We provide monitoring, support, and enhancement of the AI system to maximise its effectiveness and longevity.
Regularly track the AI system’s performance and health, identifying any issues and ensuring smooth operation.
Analyse performance data and make adjustments to instructions, apps, processes, and data sources to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.
Implement updates and improvements based on changing business requirements, technological advancements, and user feedback.
Offer comprehensive technical support to address any issues, provide training, and ensure the AI system remains aligned with business goals.

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Yes. While we specialise in websites requiring services ecommerce capability, if all you need is a striking marketing website that captures enquiries, we’re more than up to the task.
Yes and no. If the product is a virtual product (like a toolkit or set of templates) then yes, absolutely. If we’re talking about fulfilling physical products, then that’s a different ballgame. If you want take online orders and manually ship physical products, we can handle that, but we don’t work with larger product catalogues and where shipping and inventory management is required.
No. We have clients who have a preferred host and are happy to maintain the site themselves and call us if they have a problem. We just charge an hourly rate for ad hoc support. It can sometimes be a bit tricky (and therefore more expensive) if we’re troubleshooting an issue on a site that we don’t host. But it’s not the end of the world 🙂
This depends on a number of factors (like whether it’s a design refresh or new design, is copywriting required, what services ecommerce features and integrations are needed, etc) but a basic, custom 6 page website with no ecommerce features will start around $5,000+GST and head north of $30,000+GST for more complex sites. We will of course give detailed pricing of project and ongoing costs in our proposal.
Support is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm AEST. We endeavour to respond to support requests within 24 hours and resolve them within 48 hours.