Digital Services

Transform your offerings for an online audience.

Increase conversions

Increase website traffic

Save time + reduce admin

Increase digital revenue

Retain clients + create new sources of revenue.

You have a great idea for offering digital services to clients. But how do you get from idea to implementation? And how do you avoid building a white elephant?


Through our consulting services, we can help you put the strategy and plan in place to launch a successful digital service offering. We have worked with several businesses to enhance their traditional professional services or convert them entirely to digital offerings.


We’ll work with you to design your digital business model and services, create a repeatable online sales system, and recommend the right technology stack to make it all work.

Create a compelling offering

Online business
model & service

All successful digital businesses begin with a clear understanding of their client and value proposition. We can help you define your digital service and bring it to market with a minimum of risk.

Using the acclaimed Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer, we’ll help you plan a compelling digital service offering for your ideal client.

Using the broad parameters of your business model, we’ll help you drop down a level into designing the actual service features, pricing and offer.

We use the Customer Development methodology pioneered by Steve Blank and Bob Doyle to get your digital services to market with limited risk, and guide you on the product and market development activities to grow your digital business.

Systematically convert leads into clients

Online sales
system design.

Of course, digital services don’t just sell themselves. We can recommend a natural, customer centric, and highly automated online sales processes to generate consistent online sales.

Get virtual bums on virtual seats with an effective sales system for filling virtual events.

Sell individual tools and templates with the right combination of free and paid content and bundled premium services like coaching.

Attract members and retain them on tiered subscription membership levels with careful packaging of benefits and limited trial periods.

Sell courses directly to individuals, and scale your selling efforts through company-wide packages and affiliate sales.

Bundle courses, tools and coaching into hybrid coaching programs over extended periods that can be sold at high price points.

Select the right technologies


When you’re clear on the business model and service design, but aren’t sure how to make it all work, we can help. We can recommend the right technologies and configuration to support your digital business.

WordPress is highly extensible with literally thousands of free and premium plugins available for download. We can recommend the right selection and configuration of plugins to deliver the best client experience.

Where the best user experience can’t be achieved in WordPress, we’ll recommend cost effective, subscription-based third party web applications that can be easily integrated into your technology stack.

We work with Zapier, a no-code integration platform that connects various third party applications (like Activecampaign). We can design powerful business automations by connecting Zapier and various Zapier compatible third party apps.

We can recommend the best way to configure your Activecampaign CRM to achieve your digital services marketing, sales and delivery requirements.

Helen Mitas

Virtual business coaching program with a fully automated customer journey, other than manual discovery calls.

Moloney Consulting

Virtual career & interview coaching with automated booking, payment, pre-session survey and Xero integration.

Q Workplace Training

Live workplace investigation training with automated booking & payment, email onboarding & toolkit membership access.

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