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Connect to empower

Convey your unique personality and value proposition with a striking, modern website.
Blog / Advice

Inspire change

Allow prospective clients to subscribe to regular, inspiring content relevant to your field to help them discover you, and to empower them on their journey of development.

Page template for easy self publishing, with individual author bios for building consultant profile in the market

Subscription form that passes contact details to Activecampaign CRM

CRM email template for updating subscribers of new content

SEO optimised for long tail keyword search and better rankings

Membership site

Create a membership program

Build out your programs, and achieve real leverage, with online resources offered as part of a subscription membership.

Multimedia support for videos, documents, online courses and diagnostics

Access automatically granted upon course purchase or completion

Supports multiple membership types for course-level resource issue

Online courses

Mentor anytime,

Provide engaging eLearning options to complement your coaching sessions, accessible 24/7 on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Flexible delivery options including text, videos, interactive html5 content, and quizzes

One time or subscription payment options with company and affiliate accounts

Dripped release of course content

Automated issue of certificates

Automated onboarding email sequence

Virtual preview events

Run virtual events

Deliver a completely virtual preview event experience, complete with automated ticket issue, event reminders and followup communication

Secure virtual event setup in Zoom or similar

Dedicated landing page designed for high conversion

Automated onboarding email sequence with event links and date-based reminders

Custom thank you page for lead nurturing or referral

Run evergreen webinars

Set your preview events on autopilot with fully automated, pre-recorded webinars with intelligent follow up sequences based on viewer action.

Evergreen webinar hosting platform with WordPress and Activecampaign integration

Dedicated landing page designed for high conversion with embedded webinar registration widget

Automated onboarding email sequence with webinar links, reminders and viewer action based followup

Dedicated offer page and time-based call to action set to appear during the webinar.

Lead magnet

Convert visitors into leads

Capture leads by offering for download a free guide or checklist, in exchange for their details, which are passed to your CRM for human or automated followup and qualification.

Dedicated opt in page designed for high conversion

Opt in form to capture details and pass to Activecampaign CRM

Automated report fulfilment and follow up email sequence

Custom thank you page for personalised messaging or service upsell

Self service assessments

Automate coaching assessments

Provide self service coaching assessments to clients or prospects, using intelligent surveys and document automation to produce personalised reports..

Dedicated landing page designed for high conversion

Smart questionnaire with logic branching and criteria scoring

Custom designed report template with library of score-based recommendations

Custom thank you page for further lead nurturing

Document automation to populate personalised report with questionnaire scores and recommendations

Active campaign integration to update contact record and trigger followup activities such as emails or outreach

Automated proposal

Streamline onboarding

Accelerate your sales cycle by templating and automating the workflow for proposals, quotes, contracts and electronic signature.

Proposal template with modular sections, fee structures, images

Activecampaign sales CRM integration

Digital signatures with custom approval workflows


Explore some of our coaching &
mentoring website projects.

Helen Mitas

Virtual business coaching program with a fully automated customer journey, other than manual discovery calls.

Moloney Consulting

Virtual career & interview coaching with automated booking, payment, pre-session survey and Xero integration.

This is Reward Podcast

New website to support the This is Reward Podcast by remuneration specialist, Alison Mason.

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