It starts with a framework.

It's often said that 'people hate to be sold to, but they love to buy'.

This holds true for buyers of professional services. An effective digital strategy facilitates the client's natural buying process, as they move from prospect > lead > client > repeat client & advocate. Using digital techniques to anticipate and cater for needs at each stage excites the buyer and they draw themselves through the sales process with less effort from you.

We've developed our own 9 stage Client Experience Framework based on Chris' decade+ of experience buying professional services for private and public sector companies. It allows our digital content to anticipate and cater for the needs of your clients as they navigate through their buying process.

Your website and CRM make up the basic infrastructure that underpins the client journey. On top of this we employ cloud-based platforms (or SaaS) to create a flexible, cost effective system digital channel to revenue.


Develop engaged, qualified prospects.

Only a small percentage of leads are ready to buy upon first contact with your business. The rest will need more information and potentially 6 to 12 months to make a decision.

Nurturing and educating your leads consistently over time reduces the amount of leads you need to attract to hit your sales budget. It also has the benefit of enlightening your prospects so they're open to a more strategic sales conversation.

Demonstrating your expertise and that of your team through digital and traditional channels allows you proactively position your business to your ideal prospects, rather than waiting for any prospect to find you.

We design and implement a cohesive strategy, using the best selection of content, channel and call to action, to predictably generate engaged, qualified prospects.

Example: 200 HR and line manager leads over 7 months for WMHI

  • Downloadable whitepaper to raise awareness of mental health issues in workplace
  • Adwords campaign to target HR managers, offering discussion paper
  • Landing page + form to capture lead details into CRM system
  • Opt in + nurture email sequences
  • Thank you + automated email education sequence
  • Tailored report on organisational mental wellbeing against proprietary framework (80% automated) to qualify
  • Conversion offer: learn more about introductory mental health training
  • Monthly blogs with call to action pointing to conversion offer

1. Position

Build your expert status by sharing insights and demonstrations

2. Connect

Exchange contact details and gain an understanding of reciprocal value

3. Empower

Support with tools and insights to address broader pain points and goals


  • Content strategy

    Publish and promote authoritative blogs with premium content opt ins to build a list of educated, qualified prospects for the sales stage.

  • Live seminar strategy

    Promote and conduct informative presentations and workshops to educate prospects about issues and opportunities, and qualify for further assistance.

  • Virtual seminar strategy

    Promote and conduct live or automated webinars to educate and demonstrate solutions to prospects and invite for sales consultations.

  • Referral strategy

    Leverage results and relationships to generate referrals from satisfied clients and attract leads from their networks.

  • Partner strategy

    Collaborate with third parties to attract leads from their network and client base by offering insights and premium content.

  • Local search strategy

    Attract local leads to your business with local paid search and SEO optimisation of your website and online presence.

  • Outreach strategy

    Leverage digital tools to effect a targeted outreach campaign to generate leads for your business.


  • Website design
  • Downloadable whitepapers, guides & reports
  • Opt in + nurture email sequences
  • Live + evergreen webinars
  • CRM implementation + configuration
  • SEO + paid search (eg Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Facebook + LinkedIn marketing
  • Presentation decks + workshop materials
  • Business cards + collateral
  • Content writing + distribution
  • Surveys + research reports
  • Smart marketing collateral + document automation
  • Live event ticketing + payment flows


Close them faster and more easily.

It sounds obvious but most prospects aren't experts in what they're buying from you. Therefore letting them define the scope limits the impact you can have and the value of the sale.

'Productising' or packaging your IP as discrete solutions to achieve certain outcomes allow you to maximise the transaction value, focusing the prospect on outcome, benefits and ROI, rather than hours, price and margin. It also makes it easier for people other than the owner to sell those services.

Looking for opportunities to increase the lifetime value of the client results in more revenue at a lower cost of sales. Managed services, support upgrades and lifecycle product offerings create opportunities for recurring revenue.

Our sales strategies seek to maximise average transaction value and lifetime customer value, and we use automation to increase conversions, speed up the sales cycle, and enable team members to sell more.

Example: 400+% ROI on automated sales funnel for Helen Mitas

  • '9 Ways to Get More Clients' downloadable guide
  • Facebook campaign targeting therapists, offering guide
  • Landing page + form to capture lead details into CRM system
  • Dynamic thank you page with different offer based on location
  • Automated education email sequence + invitation to Expert Therapist System workshop (live or webinar)
  • Ticketing through Eventbrite / Easywebinar, automated email sequence (date sensitive)
  • Automated & time sensitive 48hr offer to attendees
  • Automated follow up downsell offer of online program
  • Multiple campaigns per year with 6 figure revenues

4. Assess

Identify problem and solution parameters within which to shape a recommendation

5. Recommend

Present solution options in terms of outcomes, benefits and ROI

6. Close

Document agreement, set up payment and initiate project / services


  • Consultation strategy

    Invite qualified prospects for a 1:1 consultation, assess requirements and propose solutions, supported by automated booking, assessment and proposal creation.

  • Sales event strategy

    Deliver insights, demonstrate solutions and offer services to qualified prospects at a structured sales event and structured follow up.

  • Webinar sales strategy

    Host a live or automated sales webinar for prospects, providing insights, demonstrating solutions and presenting a strong offer and structured followup.

  • Email sales strategy

    Add value, build anticipation, and present your offer with a structured and fully automated email sales campaign.


  • Live + evergreen webinars
  • CRM implementation + configuration
  • Sales presentation decks
  • Online booking + payment flows
  • Landing pages + sales pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Upsell + downsell offer automation
  • Live event ticketing
  • Upfront payment, subscription, payment plan, discount models
  • Downloadable sales collateral
  • Sales discovery + recommendation tools
  • Proposal automation + smart sales documents


Deliver profitably and leverage results.

In market segments that are becoming increasingly commoditised and where there isn't a clear path to differentiate, it makes sense to reduce costs to increase or protect margins.

Automating aspects of your workflow frees up your team to focus on higher value, less repetitive tasks.

Introducing an entirely digital version of a traditional service is a highly scalable way to serve much more price sensitive clients who don't need an in-person experience. Digital products can also reach a global audience, thus expanding your reach with little physical input.

Example: 60% time saving in simple practice valuation & sale preparation delivery for Centurion Market Makers

  • Product intro pages to recommend online vs custom services
  • Sales pages presenting packaged options
  • Integrated order pages using Ontraport automation platform
  • Stripe payment facility inside Ontraport checkout
  • Automated payment success and card decline automation sequences
  • Automated product fulfilment and email notifications

7. Onboard

Conduct front end and back end admin activities to kick off the engagement

8. Deliver

Deliver the services for the optimal mix of client experience and cost to serve

9. Showcase

Incorporate the results into your marketing material to generate referrals and nurture leads


  • Workflow automation strategy

    Automate repetitive and low value tasks, including information collection, provision of advice, document creation and communications.

  • Digital product strategy

    Package your IP into DIY advice and tools, purchased and delivered online, and generate revenue at very low cost to serve.


  • Online courses + virtual workshops
  • Online toolkits
  • Membership platforms
  • Diagnostics & quizzes
  • Automated reports
  • Document automation
  • Web application development

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