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Managing Director Shanelle Moloney needed a completely streamlined way of attracting, booking and handling payment for career consulting clients referred by a leading Queensland recruitment partner.

We created a fully automated, partner-branded digital marketing funnel with automated booking, payment and session preparation.



Marketing funnel is delivering 6 to 10 qualified career / interview coaching leads per day.

Streamline client handling

Browsing, booking and payment activities are all client self-service reminders are automated.


Coaching sessions are delivered virtually, and smartforms gather pre-session information.

Why SMB Consultancies Should Invest in AI-Enabled Workflow Automation

Key Pain Points and Inefficiencies Faced by SMB Consultancies

Small and medium-sized business (SMB) consultancies often face a number of common challenges that can hinder their growth and profitability:

Repetitive, Time-Consuming Administrative Tasks

Consultancies frequently deal with a high volume of repetitive, manual tasks such as data entry, invoicing, scheduling, and reporting. These administrative responsibilities can consume a significant portion of a consultant’s time, distracting them from higher-value, strategic work.

Errors and Inconsistencies in Data Entry and Reporting

With so many manual processes involved, SMB consultancies are prone to human errors and data inconsistencies. Inaccurate information can lead to flawed decision-making, client dissatisfaction, and compliance issues.

Difficulty Scaling Operations as the Business Grows

As an SMB consultancy expands its client base and service offerings, the organization’s operational complexity increases. Scaling manual processes becomes increasingly challenging, hampering the firm’s ability to take on new business.

Suboptimal Decision-Making Due to Lack of Data Insights

Without the right tools and systems in place, SMB consultancies often lack the data-driven insights needed to make informed, strategic decisions. This can result in missed opportunities and inefficient resource allocation.

How AI-Enabled Workflow Automation Can Address These Challenges

AI-powered workflow automation solutions can help SMB consultancies overcome these common pain points and inefficiencies, enabling them to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth.

Automating Repetitive, Manual Processes

By automating repetitive, high-volume administrative tasks, AI-enabled workflow automation frees up consultants to

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With a background in buying professional services, Chris is able to advise experts on how to effectively position and offer their IP to acquire high value clients. Chris partners with experts to reposition and scale their businesses to achieve market leadership in their niche.

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